Crosscut Saws

Crosscut Saws come in two tooth styles – Tuttle or Champion with two cutting teeth to each raker tooth, and Perforated Lance with four cutting teeth to each raker tooth. It is most common, from our experience, to use the Tuttle Tooth style for hardwoods, and the Perforated Lance Tooth style for cutting softwoods. However, many have used each interchangeably throughout history.

Our One-Man Saws are U.S. made from our special analysis saw steel, specially tempered to hold an edge, yet easy to sharpen and maintain. Handles are hardwood and laquered. The ‘D’ handle has a hole large enough to accommodate a gloved hand, and the included supplementary handle can be mounted at butt for extra leverage, or at nose for “Two-Man” use. Excellent for small to medium timber, as well as general purpose use. Made in the U.S.A.

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