Before you buy . . .

No crosscut saw ever made was 'fully conditioned' if you mean working  at it's optimum performance. basically, trial cuts are required in the  wood you'll be cutting and the amount of set needs to be adjusted  accordingly (due to moisture content of the particular wood you're  cutting).

The raker height needs to also be adjusted according to the type of  wood you're cutting (hardwood or softwood).

We feel the crosscut saws are a 'labor of love', and the real lesson  is in the patience required to repeatedly test the saw on the wood  you're cutting, then take it back to the saw vise and use the crosscut  saw tools to tune the saw 'til it's right. we sell all the saw  maintenance tools described in the Crosscut Saw Manual (item#460-$4).

We strongly suggest you purchase the Manual and read it to understand  the philosophy of the traditional use of the crosscut saw. it is  indeed something requiring time, trial and error.

Tip: Did you know the Bark must be removed around the log where the  cut will be made so the teeth won't dull? That is what a Bark Spud is used for.

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